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Hello everyone! I'm Hosio also known as Hosiocat and this is my little corner of the internet, where I'm sharing my creative spasms with the world. I'm a little lazy bum with intense fangirling tendencies and a lot of love for creating things.

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  • theofficialstereklibrary:


    There is this cool livejournal blog that is doing a sterek big bang. pretty cool if you ask me.

    So if you’re interested: sterek-big-bang

    don’ know what a big bang is or what you can do about it? well they have a nifty faq page. go read that 

    Their Schedule:

    • Writer/Artist/Beta Sign Up Begins- June 1st   
    • Writer/Artist/Beta Sign Up Ends- July 31st
    • First Check-In- September 15th
    • Decision of Category Due- September 30th
    • Submission of Basic Summaries to Moderators- October 2nd
    • Artist-Writer Claiming Begins- October 20th
    • Artist-Writer Claiming Ends- October 31st
    • Artist-Writer Pairing Masterpost- November 1st
    • Second Check-In- November 16th
    • Finished Drafts Due- November 30th
    • Posting Schedule- December 10th
    • Posting Begins- December 20th

    The sterek big bang is currently looking for betas and artist so join now if you like to do either of those. 


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  • I’ve bought myself a sketchbook with brown paper and wanted to give colour pencils a try - they kinda remind me of drawing with markers. 

    Based on this photo I’ve found on my phone - the lightning seemed like a nice practice material. 

    Society6 (x)

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  • calum-cuddles--barakat-boobs asked : So I'm the friend that sent dontdylan ur way *•* I showed her ur void stiles c:

    Me and Void appreciate it a lot ♥

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  • Allison Argent in palette #1 for Anon! 

    Reference used: (x
    Btw - you can still prompt me, this thiggy is fun C:

    (1) Allison Argent • (17) Erwin Smith
    Next one in the line - Janos Audron ♫

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  • dontdylan asked : yes hello idk if you get this a lot but whatever my friend has sent me here and hoOoOoly crAp do i love your art. like. just. pls. i love it. let me shower you in love and fluffy things.

    Omg thank you ; U ;
    No, actually, this is the first message like this in my inbox and it totally made my day! So here, have an appreciation Erica from me \o/

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  • "erwin smith from attack on titan, nr 17, sexy solider pinup xD?"

    Not really proud of this one and I know absolutely nothing about shingeki no kyojin, like seriously nothing at all. Also, I don’t really know how to deal with manga atm.

    …And I think I’ve abused Chris Evans chest for this. A photo found under “male pin up pose” google search.

    (1) Allison Argent • (17) Erwin Smith

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  • Void Stiles appreciation drawing. Because Dylan did an amazing job playing that role.

    Society6 link (x)

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  • If you’ve ever wondered what I like to listen to, here’s my new tumblr for reblogging music: I-Like-Listening-To-Dinosaurs

    And here’s the playlist (x)

    Reblog with your own music tumblr! Show off your music, share the goodies!

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  • banryeo has this awesome AU which I am crazy about and can’t get it out of my head. Because wolf Derek and fox Stiles will always give me feels. (Even tho it’s a bit ironic now with the nogitsune happening…) 

    And here’s a bonus:

    Oh and Ban has also adorable stuff on Society6 - go check it out :D

    Edit: I’ve managed to forget Derek’s tattoo.

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  • I’ve done some Sterek drawings around Christmas and thought I could upload them all in one post

    1st - a b-day gift for Sachmecik

    2nd is a reply for a question from the Secret Sterek Santa (SSS) - I have a weak spot for Little Red Riding Hood Stiles ♥

    3rd is a quick doodle for the SSS fic I got - Thank you StayingPutWouldBeaBlunder \o/

    4th and 5th are my SSS gifts for Save1410 (x) and Silver-Sass (x)

    6th was done a longer while ago with a black colour pencil. 

    Seeing as my Teen Wolf hype didn’t go away yet, I’m guessing there will be more stereks soon ♥

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  • Merry Christmas, hosio!


    Rating: T

    Words: 2770 (oops)


    But now is not the time for worrying about Scott’s inability to fry eggs over easy because the most important thing in the kitchen is Derek. Who is in nothing but black boxer briefs. And his eyes are glowing.

    Stiles might die before he ever shifts. Oh no, there go his ears.

    A fox!Stiles and wolf!Derek story written for hosio as part of the Sterek Secret Santa Gift Exchange.

    Dirty Paws

    Read More

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    imageyou can’t tell but I’m wearing my Amish Paradise t-shirt and I tell you this because I think it’s cool


    i felt like dOING THE THING dan how do u draw yourself so well what the fuk




    I came online the first time in weeks and stumbled upon this meme - thought it would be a nice way to start being active here again. 

    (Source: intoninganchorite)

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  • stereksecretsanta:

    Merry Christmas, save1410!

    D: I swear to God, Stiles, I’ve never seen a shifter as clumsy as you are.
    S: Dude, how was I supposed to know that pixies considered pushing people into a lake as fun?! 
    D: You’re a dryad, you might as well be a pixie with horns, instead of wings.
    S: I’m as much a pixie, as you are Oberon.
    D: Stiles, I’m a were-cervidae, I highly doubt that faeries would want me as their king. 
    S: Well, that’s their loss. 

    This would be my entry for the Secret Sterek Santa (well one of them, I was a backup artist so there’s another one)  - I’m a nasty cheater, and when I saw the prompt of a ‘unusual shifter Stiles’, I’ve totally abused my and Kth’s OC’s making an AU of Elk!Derek and Deer!Stiles. I regret nothing. 

    The only thing I feel bad about though, is that I didn’t had the time to draw a second drawing so save1410 - any wishes for an after Santa drawing? :D

    (via save1410)

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  • Anonymous asked : Hello! I will be writing you drabbles and/or a fic for the Sterek Secret Santa exchange and I was wondering if there was anything specific you would or would not like. Let me know and I will do by best to meet your request! =D

    Hi there my lovely Secret Santa \o/

    I have a very special place in my heart for RedRiddingHood!Stiles, Shaman!Stiles and fox!Stiles as well as wolf!Derek


    I really don’t like are mpreg, rape and major character death, and I would rather avoid pointless resurrections of Derek’s family - I’m pretty open for everything else, no matter how random the AU or how close to canon ♥

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  • Have you ever had that problem, where you want to draw characters form a TV Series, but feel too awkward while looking at the actor’s photos and end up with no references because you can’t handle the actors staring at you? Well turns out I have that problem, and I use fox!Stiles and wolf!Derek as a security blanket to avoid staring at the photos. Don’t judge me.

    Also, this is kinda a gift for Banryeo because she’s super nice and made me very happy with a lovely comment, and any excuse to draw fox!Stiles and wolf!Derek is a good excuse in my book. Yes. 

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